Friday, April 8

Smore: Spread the Word

If you’re looking for an easy, creative and fun way for your students to present their research, you may want to consider having them create a webpage/flyer using Smore. According to the Smore website, “Smore makes it easy to design beautiful and effective online flyers and newsletters.”

I tried this product out with my students and I was very pleased with the results. My students remained very engaged while using Smore to present their research. One of my students had this to say, “It's a great website to use- lots of options, easy to figure out and the final product is very aesthetically pleasing!”

Below are the instructions that I gave to my students for their assignment (created using Smore) and a few samples of their work:   
The following are a few additional examples of flyers that were created using Smore:
For instructions on how to create a Smore webpage/flyer,

Smore can also be used for classroom newsletters, book reports, advertising fundraisers and other school events. How will you use Smore in your classroom?

Monday, April 4

Starring Google Star

Did you know that tagging a Google Doc (or folder) with a star can help you find your often-used documents very quickly? If you’re interested in saving time (and reducing frustration), please view the following video:

Monday, March 28

Google templates: Another reason to love Google!

Did you know that Google offers numerous, ready-to-use templates that you can use in Google Docs at, Google Sheets at, Google Slides at and, Google Forms ready-to-use templates at

Wednesday, March 9

Are You Drowning in Email?

Do you ever get that dreaded feeling that you're drowning in email? I don't proclaim to be the most organized when it comes to my (Gmail) email but I do have a few tips that I'd like to pass along to help you become more efficient when it comes to managing your email. Today's tip will show you how to "set your settings" so that your inbox email will be separated by your unread and read email.  Additional tips on email organization will be coming soon!

Monday, February 22

Google Forms: Google's Little Treasure

Google Forms is one of Google's little treasures. For educators, it can be used for quick assessments, class surveys, parent surveys, sign up for school events; the list is endless. I've put together a series of (short) videos that outline the steps to follow to create your Google Forms.

Part 1 of this series outlines the basic steps to get you started.

Additional Google Forms Series of YouTube videos are available below:

Google Forms Part1: Getting Started (same as above)

Google Forms Part 2: Question Types

Google Forms Part 3: The Color Palette

Google Forms Part 4: Settings, Sharing and More

Google Forms Part 5: Response Summary

Google Forms Part 6: Responses in Google Sheets