Thursday, October 18

Getting Social With Edmodo

Edmodo is a social networking tool designed specifically for educators. Using Edmodo, educators can easily connect with other like-interested educators to collaborate, share ideas, and resources. Edmodo can also be used by teachers to engage their students in meaningful-online discussions.

For those of you at DS that would like to experience what Edmodo is all about, please be sure to create a "Teacher" account ( ) and join us on the Experience Edmodo discussion forum. Please refer back to my email (on HS News) for the GROUP CODE that you'll need to join the Experience Edmodo group. (For security purposes I did not include it within this post.) If you're having difficulty with this please let me know.

Linda Lannon, Spanish teacher and Department Head of the World Language Department at DSHS, has used Edmodo with several of her classes. Below, you will find a brief write up by Linda as she shares with us her experience using Edmodo.

This past summer, I used Edmodo to administer and assess the AP Spanish Language summer reading and listening assignments.  I posted the assignments which were to read an article or listen to a podcast (both for which I provided links).  Students were required to comment about the articles and specifically answer questions that I had posted.  They were then required to comment on two of their classmates' postings. 

It was an excellent way to engage all students and allowed students to pick and choose the articles that most interested them.  I gave them ten options from which they had to choose six to complete.  Students who are normally quiet in the classroom had a voice and appeared comfortable participating in the online forum, as evidenced by the quantity and quality of their posts.  The only problem I found with Edmodo is that once the students completed what was required of them, they did not return to the site to read what others had posted after them.  I would include that task in the future to mirror other online forums (fora).

For assessments, I used a rubric similar to one used by the College Board for writing tasks.  It consisted of three categories:  Task Completion, Topic Development and Language Use.

I also used Edmodo this year for several homework assignments that required students to post their opinions.  I also made a survey using Edmodo. The next task that I’d like to investigate is how to use Edmodo to create (online) quizzes.

In addition, I’ve “joined” an Edmodo group of Foreign Language Dept. Heads in Eastern Mass for sharing documents, insights, and websites.


  1. Hi Lori,
    I have had an account with Edmodo for three years but never used it with my elementary students until this year!

    During the summer one of the teachers in my Twitter PLN provided Professional Development via and Edmodo group. She had us participate in all kinds of assignments so we could be acquainted with the different capabilities.

    Although I just started using it I feel it is such a fabulous site. Differentiating homework and class assignments is so easy with this tool. Hoping to use it to "flip" the classroom. I love the quiz and poll tools. My students seem to be enjoying it too.

    Love to hear how others are using these types of tools in the classroom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI Nancy, Edmodo is such a great tool for most classrooms. I know that it works well with high schoolers but good to hear that it's being used with the younger students as well! Hope to see you at MassCue this week!