Friday, January 4

Student Blogging 101

I’d like to take this opportunity to brag about my students in my Web Design class. Like any proud teacher, I like to show off their work and share their accomplishments with my colleagues and other interested educators. My students are just finishing a unit on blogging and I must say that they’ve all done an outstanding job. Their assignment (which you can find on my class blog) was to create a blog on a topic of their choosing. Students blogged about many interesting topics such as babies and the elderly (a must read), cake, goldfish, track and field, and iguanas.
As an introduction to the unit, students viewed a few short videos about blogging. We then discussed the differences (and similarities) between blogging and more traditional modes of communication such as PowerPoint, essays, newspapers, magazines etc. We also discussed the potential challenges that they might encounter while blogging. For example, students had to become skilled at how to create effective blog posts. An effective blog post, they learned, is developed as a “conversation starter.” Their posts had to be robust with information and written in such a way as to encourage reader comments and effective online dialogue.  

Learning how to respectfully participate in this form of online “conversation” was another challenge that the students had to consider.  Crafting comments (on their classmates’ blogs) that were both positive and valuable to the online-discussion was certainly a challenge that many students had difficulty with initially. However, with more practice, they soon became quite adept at submitting comments that developed into some very interesting (and respectful) online-conversations.  

Another challenge with blogging (as with any other online medium) is that blogs should be designed to be visually appealing. The more “artsy” students had little difficulty with this requirement but some of the other students were a bit more intimidated. Fortunately, with Google Blogger, adding images and color and making use of the pre-set layouts, makes this challenge fairly easy to master.  Using Animoto, students also created their own "videos" about their topic.

Please take some time to visit a few of my students’ blogs (links are listed below). You’ll find them to be creative, informative, witty and interesting. As you view their sites, please think of how you might be able to incorporate blogging into your curriculum. Might an assignment that typically requires your students to write an essay or to create a PowerPoint lend itself well to blogging? Do you have students that struggle with writing assignments? If so, consider blogging. My experience with these students is that they become completely engaged when blogging. They put a lot of effort into researching their topics and developing the content for their posts.  If you’d like to include blogging in your curriculum and would like help doing so, please let me know and I can help you and your class get started.  

Class Blogs 2012-13 Semester 1


  1. I was able to comment on a couple of these fabulous blogs! Hope to come back and comment on more - very interesting and informative!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I heard! One of my students was so excited this morning to let me know that "Nancy C" wrote a great comment on his blog! He's so proud of his work and he's thrilled that he's actually publishing work that is being read and recognized online! Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hello
    Saw the 'Comment4kids' Tweet about the posts, this would have been perfect to show my classroom, only in New Zealand its the Summer holidays and my class won't be back until the end of the month. I'll get them to come back them and keep up the work in the meantime!
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  4. Hi Mr. Webb (love your name!). Glad that you liked the blog post and hope that my students' blogs serve to inspire your students as well. It was a great project for the kids - they picked their own topic (within reason) which helped to keep them engaged. I'm always so impressed with how much effort they put into this type of project and how proud they are of their work. Please feel free to use my material if you'd like. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  5. HI! My class has a blog, but I like this blog too. I think you made a great selection on pictures, topics, and links. I will plan on coming here again to read it ALL.