Tuesday, January 15

Use Dropbox & Never Email Yourself Again

Scenario #1: It’s late in the day and you've just finalized your PowerPoint presentation that needs to be emailed to your department head ASAP (or sooner). With minutes to spare, you attach your PowerPoint file to your email and with a big sigh of relief, you hit the Send button. But your relief quickly turns to fear as you get a message that politely informs you that you have exceeded your space allocation.

Scenario #2: Your students have been working on a technology-enriched project involving numerous electronic files (Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop etc.) that need to be assessed.  Your students (all 25 of them) start emailing you their work (files) which for you, turns into an organizational nightmare. In addition, several students can’t send you all their files because they have exceeded their email space allocation and of course, you will eventually exceed your space allocation as well.
Scenario #3: You had planned to stay home all weekend to work on an important report that is due Monday morning. The files that you need to reference are all resident on your laptop – you’re ready to write a report that will even impress your boss’s boss. However, your best friend just invited you to an all-expenses-paid, fun-in-the-sun weekend at a famous resort – flight included. Not to worry says your friend; you’ll be home early enough. Mechanical issues find you stranded (with your iPhone, but unfortunately, not with your laptop) at the airport  thinking of how you’ll ever be able to explain all of this to your boss.
Each of these scenarios above could have been averted by using Dropbox. Dropbox is a free service (although you can upgrade for a fee) that easily allows you to move files between computers and to share files (and folders) with other users. You can use the web-based version of Dropbox or you can download the App.  Dropbox can also be used on the iPhone, the iPad, and on Android devices.
Create an account and see how easy it is to use Dropbox!
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  1. Lori -

    I am a HUGE fan of dropbox! In the science dept. we use it all that time - I share my files with the other teachers so that we always have access to the most recent versions. Also - it is a great way to access all my photos from anywhere, even the phone. Glad to see others loving it as much as me.

  2. Dropbox is one of those "hidden" gems that once you've used it you can't imagine how you ever got along without it. Do you find that you have enough space in the free version or have you upgraded to a paid subscription?