Monday, March 17

Google+ Resources for Educators

If you're reluctant to use Facebook in your classroom (or aren't allowed to)  but would still like to get on-board using social media with your students and colleagues, Google+ might be the tool to use. I add new resources to my Diigo Library quite frequently so please visit and help yourself to any resources that you may find useful.

There seem to be three forces at play when it comes to education and social media. The first is a lack of force, quite frankly - the inertia that makes many educators unwilling and uninterested in integrating the technology into their classrooms.
Edutopia blogger Mary Beth Hertz gives us the basic on how educators and schools can make the most of Google Hangouts.
Mike Reading speaks with Lee Webster Google Certified teacher from Harrow School in Hong Kong about how to use Google Plus in the classroom
Blogger Terry Heick unravels the mysteries of Google+ and suggests how this emerging social media tool can become a valuable teaching aid.
The guide includes: how to activate Google+ account for your school, how to edit your Google+ Profile, adjust settings to determine what people can see,it shows you how you can add and organize people using Circles and tips on how to use Circles.
The purpose of this post is to provide some ideas and tips on how to better integrate Google+ in teaching.
This article lists the key features that make Google+ communities different and highlights ten communities that marketers should join.

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