Monday, April 14

Social Media: Strategies & Best Practices for Business & Educators

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I'm in the process of developing a course on social media that will be offered to our high school students in September. One of the units that I'm developing
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focuses on the influence that social media has on the business sector. Students will explore social media strategies as well as best practices for both large and small companies. Students will analyze these companies to see which social media strategies resulted in success and those that resulted in failures. Students will also explore career options in the social media field.

As an educator, you will find many of these articles useful as you contemplate your own social media strategies. How will you incorporate social media into your curriculum? How will you use social media to communicate with your students and their parents? How will you use social media as a means to develop your Personal Learning Network and take control of your professional development?

The websites listed below are a few of the articles that I've come across (thanks to everyone that I follow Twitter) that you may find useful as you begin to take advantage of all the resources that social media has to offer. All these sites are available on my Diigo Library as well. I add new resources to my library fairly often so please visit and help yourself to any resources that you may find useful.

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