Thursday, May 29

Yes, Twitter is Used Successfully by Teachers and Administrators

In my quest to find resources for the social media course that I'll be teaching in September 2014, I've come across several outstanding videos that I'd like to share with my readers in an effort to get more educators thinking about how social media could (and should) be used by teachers in the classroom and by school administrators as a method of communication.

The following video, Changing the Culture of a School with Twitter, highlights how principal Steve Williams is changing the culture of Sunlake High School (Florida) by using Twitter to communicate with the students and the community. 

This next video, CNN: Twitter Has Place in Classroom, follows Enrique Legaspi, a teacher at Hollenbeck Middle School in Los Angeles, as he implements the use of Twitter in his classroom. Including Twitter in his teaching method has been well received by his students.

While this all sounds like a great idea, we certainly have numerous issues that need to be resolved before successfully implementing Twitter (and social media in general) in our schools: student safety, teacher safety and professional development for teachers to name just a few.  Are you a teacher that currently uses Twitter in your classroom? Or, are you an administrator that uses Twitter to communicate with students and the community? If so, I'd love to hear your success stories and the strategies that you followed along the way. What were some of the concerns/obstacles that you faced and how were they addressed?

If you haven't used Twitter yet but would like to learn how, please let me know. While it's still blocked at school (boo - hopefully not for long though), you can still use it from home (or places other than school).

Note: I was first introduced to these videos in the following article:

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