Monday, October 19

Hey You, No Peeking At My Google Files

As I was proceeding along on a routine check of the high school's iPads today, I was alarmed to see that many of them were left signed on to student Google Drive accounts. On several of these devices I was able to easily switch between the numerous student accounts that had been left signed on. I had complete access to all of their files. Anyone using those devices would have access as well. Going forward, please remind your students using the school's iPads that they need to sign out of all Google Apps before returning them to the cart. This is only a concern for those that are using shared devices.

If you would like me to meet with your students to go over this with them please let me know. For steps on how to properly sign out of all Google Apps (on the iPad) please refer to the following resources.
  • The following video outlines the steps involved in signing out of Google Apps on an iPad. 

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