Thursday, December 10

Slides Carnival - Adding Creativity to Your Google Slides Presentation

While there are numerous presentation tools that offer developers more options for creativity and style than Google Slides (Haiku Deck and Keynote, to name a few), Google Slides is easy to use and of course, its most impressive feature is the ability to collaborate with others on the same presentation. That being said, Google Slides offers little to those wanting to express a bit of creativity. There are a few sites available that offer templates to use along with Google Slides to do just that. The site which impresses me the most, Slides Carnival, was introduced to me by a few of my students (I always learn so much from them!).

Below are two examples of presentations developed with Google Slides. One was developed using just the templates that come with Google Slides and and the other was developed using a template from  Slides Carnival.

The following is a Google Presentation was developed using a template from Slides Carnival. I encourage you to give Slides Carnival a try - your audience will thank you for it!

The following is a sample of a Google Presentation was developed using a standard Google Slides template.

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