Saturday, November 7

Storify - Curating Stories from Social Media

My first attempt at creating a "story" using Storify proved to be a lot of fun. Storify provides an easy way to obtain resources on a topic, to bundle them in an organized fashion, to add your point of view, and to share them via a social media platform. In my Storify about the winter of 2015, my "resources / material" came from Twitter, YouTube, and Gif (which is for images - some animated). (There are additional options for resources but they are blocked at this school.) 

My students rose to the task (once again) and used this tool to research and report on several stories that were recently trending in the news/social media. Take a look, I'm sure that you'll be as impressed as I am. 

Storify is fairly easy to use and is an interesting way for students to investigate a trending news event. A "story" can be embedded into a blog post or linked to. What do you think? How could you use Storify with your students?