Saturday, January 30

Take a Break From the Traditional Research Assignment

As educators, we strive to deliver our instruction in various modalities in an effort to reach all of our learners. With so many tools available to create digital media, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which ones to use for your class. I've found that creating videos is now easier than ever with tools such as PowToons. If you're working in a "GAFE (Google Apps For Education)" school, uploading your videos and creating playlists is a snap.

Another tool that I like to use for my visual learners is Piktochart. An infographic is an easy way to get your message across to all of your students in a very creative fashion.

I also like to give my students the option to create digital / visual media as often as possible. It's more interesting and engaging for them and for me as well.

Infographics Using Piktochart:Emily created this infographic to present her research on the use of social media across generations. Dayle created this infographic to present her findings on positive social media usage. Both students were completely engaged in their projects and it really shows!

Videos Using PowToons and YouTube:
Olivia created this video (using PowToons) to deliver her research on the evolution of social media.

And finally, Roni created this video (also using PowToons) on the topic of digital footprints.

In all of these cases, my students could have written a traditional research paper but I'm glad that they didn't and they are too!

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