Thursday, May 26

Lights Out on Google Classroom

Google Classroom
In one of my previous posts, Hey You, No Peeking At My Google Files I mentioned that during routine maintenance of the iPads (those located in the high school iPad cart), I noticed that many of these devices were left signed on to student Google Drive accounts. I was able to easily switch between the numerous student accounts that had been left signed on; I had complete access to all of their files. Everyone else using those devices would have had access as well. Now with the Google Classroom app available on these shared devices please keep in mind that students (and teachers) when done using a school iPad should sign out of Google Classroom as well. 

Teachers, please remind your students  that they need to sign out of all Google Apps before returning the iPads to the cart. 

The following video outlines the steps involved in signing out of the Google Classroom App on an iPad. 

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