Monday, September 26

Quick Screenprints using QuickShare

The recently released Chrome extension, QuickShare, facilitates taking screenshots and sharing them with your students. With QuickShare, you can easily take a screenshot of the full screen or partial screen. The resulting image (of the screen) is instantly saved into your Google Drive (in a folder called QuickShare Screenshot). 

In addition, the image link is copied to your clipboard as soon as you screenshot the screen. For Google Classroom users, this allows you to quickly copy and paste the link into a Google Classroom assignment for students to access immediately.  The images can also be inserted into Google Docs, Forms and Spreadsheets.

To download and use this app:
  1. Download QuickShare from the Chrome Store.
  2. The QuickShare icon will now be displayed on your Chrome Extension toolbar.

  3. Take your first "full screen" screenshot.
  4. This step will only have to done once: Go to Google Drive and locate the QuickShare folder that was created after you took your first screenshot. Right click on the folder and choose “Share.” Change the sharing permissions from private to “Anyone with the link can view.” Now, all screenshots that you take with QuickShare will automatically be set as, “Anyone with the link can view.” 

This Chrome extension had been made available (for free) by Google Apps Guru, Alice Keeler.

Friday, September 9

Out With the Old, In With the New

Good news, Google recently upgraded Google Sites (they've cleverly named it, New Google Sites). I've been playing around with it and it is much easier to use than the original version.
From a visual perspective, it has a more "modern look" and it automatically adapts to tablet and smartphone screen sizes. On the negative side, some of the customization that was possible in the original version, is not available in the new version. As far as I know, the original version is not going away so don't feel as though you will have to convert over to the new version.

I've created my "new site" so that we could have a comparison of the two versions. Unfortunately, there is not an option available to easily convert from old to new so I had to basically "copy and paste" my content over. I have a really small site (3 pages) so it was not a difficult process for me to undertake. 

Here are the links to my sites for comparison purposes:

     New Version         Original (old) Version

The following Teacher's Tech video is the one that I viewed prior to building my new site - it's very straightforward and easy to follow. 

Please let me know if you'd like any assistance in developing a "new Google Site" for yourself and/or your students.